Why buy from New Zealand

Why you should buy a car from New Zealand instead of Japan

  1. No communication issues – call me on my American number.
  2. New Zealand has a strict compliance regime in place that means that any car bought here from Japan has to pass a thorough inspection with regard to road worthiness. Ongoing inspections are made every 6 months (Warrant of Fitness) to make sure that the car remains in a very road worthy condition. No cars with a current warrant in New Zealand will have rust issues. For more information of the WOF process go to!
  3. Parts and service back up. We have 100 cars in stock that we are parting out and if we don’t have the part – we will get it for you.
  4. The exchange rate means you get more value for your money here than in Japan.
  5. New Zealand has a very mild climate – no salt on the roads here